Online games in New Zealand

When you search for onlinecasino-newzealand online you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of online casinos that are listed where you as a Kiwi can safely play at. There are all sorts of popular casino games listed which include online slot games (or online pokies), video poker, roulette and the most popular blackjack and all its varieties. You can even deposit funds and and play at these casinos for real money and most of them accept NZD$s. This article will look at tips for you as a New Zealand-based gambler to employ in your blackjack gameplay so that you can bring down the edge that the house has over you before you decide to wager real money.


The top blackjack strategies

The nature of online blackjack is such that in order for you to increase your winning changes and also decrease your losses, you need to employ a blackjack strategy of sorts. The game can provide you with big wins but also, it is a fact that your wins can turn into big losses just as quick. If you are not playing with a blackjack strategy then you are just relying of luck, which is not a good strategy to have when playing blackjack. You have to strategically approach each hand that you are dealt and be smart about how you play that hand. Below you will find some basic strategies to use and it is recommended that you test these out first.

Blackjack strategy charts are useful tools to use that can compliment any blackjack strategy that you choose to use. These charts are coiled for you to use and gives you an idea of actions available to you on each blackjack hand of cards that you are dealt up front. These blackjack charts can be based on single decks or double decks but could also cater for four to eight decks. It is a good idea to get a sense of the amount of decks used before you start a blackjack game. These strategy charts are easy to find on the web and can be printed out for easy reference when you play online blackjack in New Zealand.

Martingale blackjack strategy

One of the more popular blackjack strategies is the Martingale blackjack strategy. Even though this strategy is more of use to higher rolling blackjack players (cash balance of at least NZ$500), the theory could be applied when practising blackjack for free. The Martingale strategy can be classified as a negative progression strategy which means you double your bet amount when you lose. For example, if you bet NZ$25 and you lose the hand, your next bet will be NZ$50. IF you also lose this bet then your next bet placed will be NZ$100. When you win a hand then you go back to your original NZ$25 bet until you lose again. The most important to stop playing when you win more than your initial cash balance.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack Strategy

This strategy is derived from the Paroli strategy and although it is used mostly in baccarat, craps and roulette, it is also useful for long winning streaks n blackjack. The strategy is based on the fact that if you win on blackjack, it will most likely be in streaks and employing this strategy affords you a systematic approach to placing bets. Practicaly it works as follows: If your first wager is NZ$10, then your betting pattern will be NZ$10, NZ$30, NZ$20 and NZ$60 if the winning streak is four in a row. Once you lose, the sequence is stopped and you bring your bet down to NZ$10 again until you win a hand and the sequence is started again.

  • Blackjack betting charts
  • Use Martingale strategy if you have a big bankroll
  • Use Paroli strategy if you are a beginner

Another strategy, although less popular online, to consider is card counting. This is not too useful when playing blackjack online as online blackjack games do not always use a fixed number of card decks. The best way to practice any blackjack strategy is to use an online blackjack simulator and trainer. Together with blackjack strategy charts, a blackjack trainer can help blackjack players hone their blackjack strategic skills. It typically has different playing levels and as you improve your skills, you can advance up the levels. So wether you employ a Martingale or Paroli blackjack strategy, it is important to practise your skills on a blackjack simulator and use strategy charts to learn how to react to each hand you are dealt.